Who we are and how it started

Our Business Story

One simple mission statement

We set out to build outstanding, high-quality braking products for the cycling industry, presented beautifully for the retail customer to help them easily choose what product is right for them.

Kevin Gorzny


I want to take this opportunity to create brake pads with true performance benefits in order to move forward & above what has been done in the past.

Kevin Gorzny

Founder / Operations

Not the set-it-and-forget-it type.

After graduating college I packed up and moved west. A startup dot-com off road magazine luckily hired me to cover several roles from product testing, web-dev & design of the magazine. While living in CA, I bought a mountain bike as a training tool for motorcycle racing. Eventually I moved to Utah to start a new business which is where the MTB habit kicked into high gear.

After selling that business and moving in a totally different direction to start a dot com in another space, the idea of building a brand around a product line was always looming in rotation. The mechanical aspect of the mountain bike was always just-as-interesting to me as the riding itself. The idea to build a high-end brake pad for cycling was inspired from the motocross & automotive racing industries (also a car enthusiast), and I believe fueled from being taught to work on my own equipment and figure out how to make things work on my own.

Summer Gorzny

Sales Strategy / Finance

She won't ride over bridges

Summer grew up in the rural expansive terrain of Montana doing what Montana people do; play with bears high in the mountains during the summer months, and spend the winter snowboarding and snowmobiling with family. College took her to Idaho; after graduation she took a hard-right-turn to New York City.

Summer relocated to Salt Lake City where she’s spent much of her career in advertising and marketing. She has ridden bikes and lived an outdoor life since childhood and spent a ton of time and miles riding all over with the person above. Summer manages the finances, strategizes marketing plans & calendars and hovers over the details in the background.

We believe a business must have
a solution to a problem

What sparked the idea
for MTX Braking

In the powersports industry there are many aftermarket brands of braking components that provide the consumer with several product options. This is not the case in the cycling industry; In most cases the consumer is left buying OEM braking products with few category options.

We are here to create a cohesive retail-friendly product line of braking components for both mountain and road bike enthusiasts and racers, designed to visually guide the buyer in the direction that is right for them.

The bikes we ride are expensive with many costing thousands (and thousands) of dollars. But so often, many riders skimp-on, or ignore their brake pads until they start to grind or squeal. The irony is, so many of us literally obsess over our brake-set-of-choice and will debate this preference endlessly. But if this is the case, why ignore the actual contact point doing a bulk of the work?

This is where we come in.

Small staff, big bike-minded brains.

Meet the rest of the crew

Conor Barry

Conor Barry

Technical Presenter
Conor handles our video presentation & editing, social strategy and photography.
Aaron Raines

Aaron Raines

Consultant & Ambassador
Storied member of the cycling industry currently working for a certain unnamed big brand.
Mike Cartier

Mike Cartier

Photographer & Ambassador
A resident of Texas with roots in journalism and photography covering the robust mtb scene in the region.
Ben Brimhall

Ben Brimhall

Customer Support / Shipping
Ben is a DH-only local college student. Don't ask him to pedal.
Tom Adams

Tom Adams

Outdoor Industry Consultant
A Utah kingpin in the greater outdoor scene from climbing to skiing and of course cycling.
Aaron Tuttle

Aaron Tuttle

Massively passionate enthusiast of the sport located in the epic riding hot-spot of Southern Utah.
Austin Tucker

Austin Tucker

Well-known photographer / videographer with the mtb industry producing work for several well-known brands.
Nick Wilkes

Nick Wilkes

He quit his job to ride his bike all over the West. We feel that is all that needs to be said.

*A word about our Ambassadors: Each one has left us a review that we published, but none of them received the ambassadorship role until well after their time on the product. We want absolutely nothing-but genuine feedback for our customers. One of our Ambassadors was actually a contest winner that we established a relationship with over several months, before signing him to our Ambassador Program (which we call our Channel 4 News Team).

Company principles to build on

What we strive for

Product Quality
Every product we create is thoroughly tested for countless miles before it is brought to market
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Design matters
We want our product line to be visually stunning and simple for the customer's purchase process.
Customer Loyalty
People love to support their favorite brands; we will make sure to earn that devotion.
Questions or Comments?

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