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Recover from an oil spill

Contamination Program

How does it work?

The Program Details

New for 2024, we are introducing our Contamination Replacement Program. Think of it as a crash replacement program, but for your brake pads.

Accidental brake fluid spill
There are times when bleeding brakes make a chaotic mess and brake fluid accidentally soaks your new brake pads. THIS is a perfect example of when to initiate a claim for the CRP (Contamination Replacement Program)
Unknown occurence
Every once in a while, mysterious instances of contamination occur and your brake pads just don't bite like they used to. Typically this is out of nowhere, and often times we'll never know why. The first step is to follow our Rotor Reset Process available in our Help Center. If this does not work, contact us with as much detail as possible and we'll start a claim.
Terms & conditions
Each customer is allowed one contaminated brake set replacement within the first four months after purchase at a discounted price.
Customer must verify purchase of brake pads by providing your order number if purchased direct, or upload a copy of your receipt if purchased from an MTX dealer. Please include photos of brake pads as well.

CRP Application

Contamination Replacement Program
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