Gold Label HD Brake Pads

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Specifically designed for heavier e-bikes and riders. Reap the benefit of our high-performance ceramic-based Gold Label HD brake pad with a risk-free 30-Day Guarantee and free same-day shipping.

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Modulation coupled with longevity

Our Gold Label HD ceramic brake pad was designed with e-mountain bikes & heavier riders in mind. Made with proprietary blends of Kevlar®, MTX CeraEVO® ceramic materials and other Japan-sourced additives and modifiers, we are bringing the performance benefit of ceramic to the cycling industry.

Over-Built - Our Gold Label HD ceramic is built for heavy bikes, heavy riders and extreme terrain.
Anti-Fade - A compound created to offer Incredible protection over heat-induced brake fade
Ulimate Power - The dense MTX CeraEvo® ceramic material provides the ultimate interface for your rotor

Who is the Gold Label HD compound for?

Right compound for the conditions

The heavier weight of a eMTB or e-bike in general, requires brake pad material that has a higher tolerance to heat and wear.
The clydesdales
If you’re 200+ pounds, this really is the performance brake pad compound you’ve been looking for.
Steep terrain / long descents
Choose Gold Label HD to reap the performance of ceramic, while maintaining outstanding durability in adverse terrain.

Reviews from customers

Gold Label HD thoughts & opinions

The following are mostly snippets of longer reviews accessible from the Reviews link above.

Hey guys, I received the gold shiny brake pads and installed in my nuke proof mega, I’m deeply pleased with the performance, thx.

Miguel H
Miguel H

Fall is here along with the heavy rains so I’ll get to test them in wet conditions, but so far the pads are lasting longer than my OEM SRAM sintered (about 20% longer by my estimation), and they’re quieter and bite better as well. I’m absolutely sold on these pads.

Wes M.
Wes M.

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Ceramic Technology

Ceramic compounds in brake pads have long-since been the premium option in automotive racing; we wanted to tap into that knowledge & technology and bring those friction benefits to the mtb space.

Our MTX CeraEVO (pronounced "sarah-e-voe") encompasses the knowledge from the automotive field, but maintains other vital properties needed for your mountain bike (such as a higher awareness of heat-resistance given the often-very-thin material on all mtb brake pads).

Side by side data comparisons

Gold Label HD vs. Red Label RACE

To outline the differences between the Gold Label HD and the Red Label RACE, the Gold Label HD has a higher content of metallic and Kevlar® to increase heat-resistance and boost tolerance for heavier eMTBs and bigger riders

The Red Label RACE has a higher content of CERAevo® ceramic and related softer compounds to maximize power & modulation, while drastically decreasing noise.

Gold Label HD Performance Chart

Red Label RACE Performance Chart

A brief explanation of what goes into the Gold Label HD

The ceramic ingredients



A proprietary blend of German-made Kevlar® & copper fibers



Our own proprietary blend of ceramic materials



Heat-resistant resin materials sourced from Japan


Lubrication Modifiers

Additives sourced from Japan


Friction Modifiers

Additives sourced from Japan

Gold Label HD Brake Pads

Built for heavier bikes and riders.

The Gold Label HD brake pads are specifically designed to withstand a heavier load. More heat, more distance, more weight.

Wes M.

Customer from the PNW

They've lasted longer than my SRAM sintered, have better bite, and make less noise.

Stronger than Steel

While the use of Kevlar® by DuPont™ certainly isn't proprietary, it is still noteworthy and a significant part of the durability of the MTX Gold Label HD brake pad.

Kevlar® is a synthetic aramid that has outstanding heat-resistance properties relevant to braking products; for example, Kevlar will resist any degree of breaking down up to 850°F.

From install to bed-in process

Frequently Asked Braking Questions

Why is this Gold Label HD better for eMTBs?

Out of our two ceramic-based premium compounds, the Gold Label brake pad has a higher metallic and Kevlar content, which yields a higher resistance to heat and adds to the life span of the product.

How are the Gold Label HD different from the Red Label RACE?

The core ingredients of the two are the same; it is the percentage ratio of each ingredient that is different. The Gold Label HD has a higher ratio of metallic additives & more Kevlar® by DuPont™ which means the Gold Label HD will last longer and have a higher resistance to prolonged brake-fade. Those are the primary differences.

This also means they will make slightly more noise when riding through water and will take a little more time to "recover" (dry out and go back to full-power) after riding through water. Modulation will slightly decrease in comparison as well, but barely. Bottom line: these were created for higher heat-resistance and longer life over the Red Label RACE brake pads.

Will these be compatible with my rotors?

In nearly every case, rotors are made out of the same 410 or 420 grade stainless steel and heat-treated, which are perfectly fine to use with all of our brake pads. Some rotors are not heat-treated and thus considered "resin-only rotors", which are quite rare - these are the only rotors we suggest not using with our pads.

How do I bed these in?

There is no special procedure - a couple pulls of the lever and a mile or two or trail is all you'll need to get maximum feel and power from the new brake pad to the rotor.

Can I use my old rotors?

Sure.* As long as they are not worn down. Most rotors are 1.8mm thick - measure them and make sure you're very close to that thickness. We suggest getting new rotors every season or every 1500 miles.

Any tips for prep or install?

Its always a good idea to wipe your new or old rotors down with Isopropyl Alcohol, or a strong solvent like Acetone. Next, grab some 120 - 150 grit sandpaper and scrub the rotors to give them a nice silver, clean-looking finish.

Brake longer using more control with Gold Label HD brake pads

Why buy from MTX Braking?

Feel confident in our die-hard level of testing, a product guarantee and help when you need it.

Developed in Utah

All of our products go through countless R&D miles to make certain we fully believe in what we sell.

30 Day Guarantee

If you don't feel the Red Label RACE brake pads are outstanding, send them back for a refund.

Free Shipping

Any product, any amount. Free shipping makes it easier to get the parts you need.
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Magura MT2/MT4/MT6/MT8 – RL195, Shimano 4-piston – TRP Quadiem – Tektro – GL131, Shimano 4-piston – TRP Quadiem – Tektro – RL131, Shimano RS Road – RL141, Shimano XT / XTR / SLX – GL121, SRAM Code / Guide RE – GL185, SRAM Code / Guide RE – RL185, SRAM Guide / Avid XO Trail – GL175, SRAM Red / Level Ultimate – RL170, Shimano Deore – RL111, Shimano XT / XTR / SLX – RL121, SRAM Guide / Avid XO Trail – RL175, SRAM Level / Avid Elixir – RL165

4 reviews for Gold Label HD Brake Pads

  1. Wes M

    My son’s Stumpy has SRAM Code 200/200 brakes; I have SRAM Guide R 200/180.  I stop better than he does, so he’s convinced.  Fall is here along with the heavy rains so I’ll get to test them in wet conditions, but so far the pads are lasting longer than my OEM SRAM sintered (about 20% longer by my estimation), and they’re quieter and bite better as well.  I’m absolutely sold on these pads.

  2. Michael

    I put these on my XC hard tail race bike with SLX 7000 brakes, and they now feel very similar to my XT 8000 equipped full suspension bike. Zero fade and they have greatly improved the overall braking. I can’t wait to get a set on my full suspension bike to see what they do for the braking. Great product and amazing customer service.

  3. Mike

    Installed a set on my Trek Powerfly ebike, after a buddy recommended them. Excellent stopping power, super quiet. I’m a fan!

  4. Miguel H

    Hey guys, I received the gold shiny brake pads and installed in my nuke proof mega, I’m deeply pleased with the performance, thx.

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